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Hi everyone!

Another update for Word Ways is out this week! Hurray!

A small team joins Word Ways.

In the spirit of taking reign of the art, I got some work done with the visuals of Word Ways and put them right into the game.

There were some really antiquated, pixelated, and not in a good way, icons, that needed some work. They were dark, had crooked teeth, and looked really blurry. =( Sad trombone….

Not anymore!!! I always wanted to have characters in the game but unfortunately, it never happened. Until these three decided to show up!

Welcome Team Word Ways!

Our First Impressions

Word Ways current cruxes are laid out pretty well at this point. The best thing that I’ve done recently, is take a look at where my time is being spent, and re-allocate it to where it can have the biggest impact.

There have been many lessons lately, and a whole new lenses acquired that drastically changed where my efforts are being focused on. I think this has led to a much better improvement of the product as a whole.

Marketplace screenshot iterations.

So. What’s next?

Next week I’ll be sharing more of the work that I’ve done with the marketing of the game, what I found out, and the thought process behind most of these recent changes. It’s been super exciting to focus on the product exclusively from a first-time-user point of view and I’m looking forward to sharing more of it with you!


Have a great weekend!